"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



So Cormac McCarthy repeats   All The Pretty Horses  pg. 202

Is this a sky you have known?  A sky you have been ravished by?

Is it even  knowable?  As it hangs over this fable of Mexico   A

magical land filled with pretty wild horses  febrile young men   +

the Goddess Mary still weeping for her crucified son  well into the

new millenium


He of the cyanic eyes  bringing the Word to huddled masses  Now

the Pope worships at the temple of Zuckerberg    WORD   (see photo

Pope embracing Facebook Jesus  Septemeber 2016)  This week horoscope

advises: be like the wise wild child in everything   But between the child

+everything   the world lies waiting


Don’t be seduced by too witty oracles in Art & Culture magazines

My childhood friend  whose sister was bitten by our bulldog  recently

lost her mother at a gas station  when a truck rolled over her   This

mother  small for an adult  lived in a 10,000 sq. foot house   round of

face   +impish grin


Maybe she lived with crushing sensations in her lower extremities  Maybe

she dreamed of giant trucks under azure skies  +fields of cyanic daisies

growing by the river of Babylon    Don’t believe any form of knowing  will

save us    Oracles be damned     The future isn’t what it used to be




ORACLE OF DELPHI   8th Century  BC

One of the main stories was that the Pythia delivered oracles in a frenzied

state induced by vapours rising from a chasm in the rock, and that she spoke

gibberish which priests interpreted as enigmatic prophecies.



Fall  2016

*vapours have been known to flow from crevices in the ancient riverbed

at Trinity Bellwoods Park  frequented by poets+perverts alike

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