"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



the pretty activist of colour  with a mesmerizing

fuchsia lip  skin a lovely coppery sheen  head partly

shaven   chastised steve paikin for saying that much

of the new assisted housing  is so nice you would

never know  low blow steve p   a man who usually

with one eyebrow askew  skewers  the man   though he

is a successful white jew  wonder if activist knew?


where we come from you don’t want to draw attention

to yourself  especially while travelling in much of the mid

east  or any neo-nazi hot spot  i.e.,  parts of france  + yes

germany   somehow the mind finds a circuitous route back

yesterday as we huddled around our soon to be surgeried

sister   all 5 of us    yes 5!   in a small waiting area  where the

rule was 1 family member per patient


but then we’re stereotypically pushy   a holocausted people  who

in 2016 dare you to: grab the baby from our arms  +catch it on the

tip of a bayonet   May the bones of the dead be resurrected  enfleshed

+ may the year 5777  be one of miracles


I saw an officer make a flinging movement with his arm, and

something rose up into the sky like a fat bird. With his other

hand he aimed a pistol, and the bird plummeted to the ground 

beside its screaming mother, and the officer shot the mother too.

But it was not a bird. It was not a bird. It was not a bird.

(In My Hands   Memories Of A Holocaust Rescuer  Irene Gut Opdyke  1999)


Fall 2016    Rosh Hashanah





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