"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



Have you noticed the bizarre quality  of today?

Not 1  but 2 men with pizza boxes  bumped me

The 2nd fell to the ground  his box crushed by

my left breast   I don’t know how  he was diverted


Pepperoni perverted+torn  on pavement  Pizza man

inverted +gently weeping   What story have you told

yourself  about today?  What connects you to history?

I look at you all   + I see you should be   stripped of

your phenomenology   of your politics  +phobias   of

your performances


When the existential nakedness  to end all nakedness

will lead you directly to your inner-most selves  And not

in the opposite direction  like say  the world wide web


It will be a little like birth  a little like death  when the

sound of your name echoes  + fades    How many mirrors

must you look in to know  that the wall you see behind  is

the trueblueyou    With  nothing  in-between   And no one

alerted you    Until now


I look at you all   your bodies: a cypher  acting out your spirit

No guru  No teacher   Only exiled poets+cows   lucky prostitutes

+ old sidewinding men



I sleep a drunken sleep,

judging the beauty of the world negligible,

craving something that neither dies nor withers,

nor avoids meeting my hard, ravenous look.

(Adelia Prado  1990  Alphabet In The Park)



About Adelia Prado: She says to herself , I am a simple

person, a common housewife, a practising Catholic. Her

family were laborers; she was the only one to see the ocean,

to go to college, or to dream of writing a book. At 81 she lives

in Divinøpolis, Brazil, a landlocked state of rugged mountains,

mines, and baroque churches. She began publishing her poetry

at 40.



Fall 2016    First day of 5,777  lunar Jewish Calendar


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