"It's about words, and words are all I have…"




She is gorgeous +dark skinned  speaking

a singsong French   Pneumatic breasts ride

high +bounce  Mesopotamian goddess material

in urban jungle  devoid of horizons  +round

feminine hills   of magic +deep wells


When God was a woman thighs+bellies  buttocks

+breasts  were worshipped   The age of uroboros

No shortage of fecund   Great Round  now extinct

Numb citydwellers uncertain where end begins +

beginning ends   Not realizing  that they do not


The whole point of the uroboros is infinity  but if

you have been programmed to believe in straight

lines  +greying male sky Gods  poor you    Perhaps

the Rabbi who stopped at Gethsemane before being

nailed to a tree  knew  that: the vertical + horizontal

can be dangerous in the wrong hands  And that no one

has ever been  or ever will be  crucified  on a circle



October 6, 1998:  21 year old Matthew Shepard  a buoyant,

diminutive, openly gay Wyoming student, was found bloodied

and comatose in a field, strung up in a manner later described

as a crucifixion. 


Fall 2016   ere of Thanksgiving   RIP Matthew Shepard









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