"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



Almost Halloween  scent of decomposing poets

+general decay  Dia de Muertos several days away💀

Leonard Cohen is growling: I don’t need a lover the

wretched beast is tamed    82 +described as frail by

art critic who needs a colonic  He who felt that Dylan

was too Pop for the Nobel  But Bobby doesn’t need their

approbation  Visions of filthy lucre blowin’ in the late fall

breeze  along with what’s left of Canada’s dignity


Did you know that a 23 yr. old indigenous youth has been

held in a plexiglass cell  lit 24 hrs. a day?  In solitary 52 months

+still no trial   U.N. says 15 plus days in solitary is a form of torture

Perhaps a little too  Silence of The Lambs  for polite Canadians

Ladies to the right of me  speaking in platitudes   Hushed voice

says: Whatever fate sends our way  we must embrace

Gag me


Leonard!  Revivify the hoary beast you say is slain  +limp to

the nearest railway station when Lorca crouches in the laundry

room  spraying Shout on your soiled PJ’s   And do FREE  Adam Capay

Justin  as all of Tibet turns it’s lonely eyes to you   Lover of giant

Pandas   +all things Mao






Fall 2016


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