"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



What’s holding you together these days?

All my friends are dead  said Pete Townsend  +that was

30 yrs ago  before Lou  Bowie  +Leonard    Mose Allison too

Died yesterday  at 89   It’s been a precarious year for music men

members of minorities  +citizens of war torn countries


It is the year of the working class white man   Populism

nationalism  racism  creeping along ruptures in the

culture  Up through tectonic plates  making a bee line for

Pennsylvania Avenue    Somehow the ground shifted  as we

debated ad nauseam whether the internet shredded human

love   The glue  holding our tribe together  by a thread


We mourned too  the death of hope  in trenches filled with

vermin  +Germans  +mustard gas  about a hundred years ago

Around the time that Freud belaboured the point that: Sometimes

a cigar is just a cigar   And sometimes it is a racist billionaire

hiding in plain sight


These people are NOT your friends  working-class white man   No

matter how many lumpen carrots they dangle    And in the waning

days of the free world  populist exit strategies abound   For those of us

approaching the final third of boomer un-glory  we recall slogans like:

Never Again!   We  who clung to them  so fervently


So that when they hand me the yellow star of David  I will count on my

neighbours to don one too  And in this sea of yellow stars  they will never

find the real Jews   Yesterday the Donald was made an honorary Cossack

by Putin  this  the outfit who pillaged with impunity   Razing the Russian shtetls

My high cheekbones attest to the Cossack kiss  administered to a long dead

ancestress who struggled in a ditch  near Vitebsk



The alt-right: a group of mostly young white men who believe in white

supremacy; oppose immigration, feminism, and multiculturalism; delight

in harassing Jews, Muslims, and other vulnerable groups. There is every

reason to be concerned that someone who willingly trades in hatred will be

a key part of the next administration.  (Mr. Bannon/Breitbart)


The next President will be an unprincipled bully. It is doubtful Mr. Bannon or

anyone else can control Donald Trump. And that’s what America and the world 

should truly be worried about.


(Globe & Mail  editorial  Novemeber 17, 2016)


Late Fall 2016




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