"It's about words, and words are all I have…"




Olga Hepnarova  a mass murderess  rejected the

insanity defence   and so do I   Soon I will speak on

the subject of psychics  unless the young filmmaker

reconsiders  after paying special attention to my non

specific grin  +hollow eyes


He may do better with his father  an expert on exorcism

who always implores one to: answer questions with questions

He tests me regularly  with photos of a bloody Linda Blair’s

penchant for crucifix as dildo   He was a child who placed rags

in the furnace  for which he was beaten with a hockey stick

This led to nocturnal emissions  + a lifelong hard on for  Gordie Howe

who he stabbed with a pen at our local mall


All in all  he remains a man who leans toward the macabre  lately

wearing balaclavas  even when travelling to soulless hotels in

Eastern Ontario   He was once accosted by a huge buck  who chased

his young Beatle loving son to the front door  He knows that Dionysus

takes many forms  +considered the sighting an initiation into the

ecstatic rites  where men must fearlessly face the Maenads  who would

tear them from limb to limb


But more recently he has the need for the thread of Ariadne  A labyrinth

replacing the buck at his front door   And with the courage of an Argonaut

and the fierce  kill you with my bare hands  mentality  of Judah the Maccabi

He faces the minotaur  joie de vivre intact  +a heart that weighs not an ounce

more than a feather*



*(in ancient Egypt this guaranteed immortality)




Late Fall 2016   For JMA

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