"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



The week went from bad to worse   A vulgarian

will be President of the  free  world in a mere 67

days   And as Obama buried the hatchet in a show

of faux unity  yellowish Hitler looked scared   Perhaps

even dissociated  i.e., placing himself outside the oval

office via a fight or flight psychic mechanism  sine qua non

of higher apes


He went to a place back in his childhood where he reigned

supreme  Large +ungainly  a bully sent to military school

by 13   Oh Donald don’t you weep  don’t you moan   His skin

the burnished tone of the coward’s belly


Then on Thursday the music died  that is  the version of the

music  ravaged voiced +luxuriant   More recently an ecstatic

confession  in growls   Oh Leonard Cohen do weep + do moan

for the minions left behind


Who without your assurances that life is a gory riddle with no 

solution  will continue to chase their tails seeking answers   And

illusive holy grail elixirs to rub on the gaping puncture wounds

sustained by the Barthe brothers  attacked+asphyxiated by a Rock

python in 2013    Answers are for sissies     God hides in questions



RIP Leonard Cohen    You lived long enough to see yellow hitler

elected President  + missed by mere days the appointment of an alt-

right anti-semite as chief strategist  +senior counsellor  


You want it darker. We kill the flame.

Leonard Cohen  final album  November 2016



November 2016



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