"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



I cancelled my fee for a social media course

today   Only on  the facebook  briefly   Under an

alias  put a gorgeous Mardi Gras Indian  in pink

feathers  where my face should have been


Thought I could figure out Instagram on my own

and within 3 seconds of hitting  sign up here   I was

followed   I then spent the next sweaty hour hitting

delete account  


Why do pendulums swing?  Something to do with

gravity which also intervenes in jowls +circles under

eyes  But today is Halloween +the barriers are thinning

as we approach Dia de Muerta  when dead friends  +

relatives attend picnics all over Mexican cemeteries


This does not include Facebook friends  or Instagram

followers  no matter how many orgasms they are capable

of having   Only enfleshed relationships need apply   And

yes  Monica+Bill will definitely meet on the other side


Cemeteries aren’t really the problem though  it’s your

stalkers on social media  who hover in the interstices

between man + machine   A flesh-less form of intimacy

sans sacred substances   +moans     Opiate of the alone





Halloween  2016


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