"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



I fought with dark-eyed young men all weekend  as my

blue-eyed husband stood by   Afraid that I would beat

them:  You’re not leaving my house  bastards  until my

water is hot  and my tank revivified    Hot water illusive

in stucco townhouse  waning days of Fall  before the fall


Affriah  a plumber from Nairobi  tells me  it’s all by the

book lady  as though his divining is biblical   But what I

really want is some certainty   The hard passage is getting

to me   This week I woke to read that Michael Buble’s son

now 3  has been diagnosed with cancer   How can this be?


I’d imagined cancer reserved for plebes like you +me    One

rarely reads about stars +royalty succumbing to the disease

Perhaps they endure theirs quietly  secretively   so that we

continue to see them as super-heroic untouchables   Safe in

large beds by the sea


While the scourges known to the rest of us flourish in apartments

with dank hallways  +urine soaked carpets   In suburban ghettos

with trimmed hedges  +jaded dogs  who do not howl at the moon

Instincts of man + beast  AWOL   No possibility of survival in coming



Where feral dogs will be loosed upon cities  Clean up the riff raff   So

much cheaper than walls   The new siren’s call: chortle of lumpy man

in a santa tie   Orange skin  evil twin  of Adolph?  America seduced by

Solvenian model wife  in pink pop tops   who will make America clean


Rid it of all that is mean   She who worked illegally in her first months

Land of the free    Cormac McCarthy   America’s greatest living writer

would call them  gibbering apes   Now walking up Pennsylvania Avenue

gilt chairs carried by a legion of deplorables


A legion of horribles, hundreds in number, half naked and clad in the

skins of animals.  As once men did believe, they may believe again.

(Cormac McCarthy   Blood Meridian  1985    The Crossing  1995)





Fall 2016    Save Civilization  Vote for Hillary





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