"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



My mother is one  +at soon to be 93  she wears her

feminism like a beatified Saint Joan   She alone taught

me the girlropes   She was always way ahead of her time


Be smart

Go to school   +keep going    +going

Be brave+bold  in ways you couldn’t be in 1940

Respect your body

Hold your head high

For chrissakes learn how to use a computer!

(she began 10 yrs. before me..)

Joie de vivre is real beauty

It’s ok to be pretty  fashionable  smart  +tough as nails

It’s ok to leave relationships that don’t work  make you hurt

or demean you

You’re nobodies slave


When I told her that there was a time in history when God

was a Woman  her response was righteous indignation  When

was that?  she spat   It was before our time  but you’ve kept

Her spirit alive against all odds   +She roams free in all of

your girl progeny


Valentines Day 2017    for Frances  Rock On Queen Bee!

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