"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



If love is the glue binding our tribe  disinterest is

the solvent   Not hate which is equally binding   It is

much more difficult to grieve someone who: lied

demeaned +loathed you   Trust me I know   Years ago

such a relation died via suicide


Research points to the release of neuro-chemicals  in fresh

intimacies  that act as anti-depressants   The opposite is true of

troubled associations   Here  bile  stomach acid  +cortisol  the rule

A festering anti-limerence may even cause disease   A feeding upon

oneself  as Roger Chillingworth fed upon Arthur Dimmesdale   The 

unpardonable sin  in Hawthorne’s Scarlett Letter


But it was Emily D.  the only female Transcendentalist  who knew that

love commingles heaven+hell    While ardourless science stomps all over

love as fate   It’s really about simple proximity   Location location  location

My 3rd husband waxes romantic  yet I moved onto his street   +had a

washer and dryer in the basement!


Might something more complex have been afoot?   It is true too  that when I

am caught in the most venomous of tempests  he generally shows up unexpectedly

One frozen winter’s eve some years ago  as I crested a snowbank  filled with evil

intention  +bile   a hand gallantly appeared   I felt his familiar gaze  +glared into

that Viking face     Clearly for me  there is no escape


If you can’t take it, get out.  I can’t take it so I lie on a hotel bedissolving

into chemicals.    (By Grand Central Station I Sat Down And Wept  

Elizabeth Smart  1945)



Winter 2017   Valentines Day  for ASC  year 29..


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