"It's about words, and words are all I have…"




Said someone not in the habit of waxing whimsical

Quite the contrary   Usually a diehard Schopenhauerian

with a penchant for down: you don’t get me  I turned 

the lights out 5 yrs. ago  I’m not pretending to have a 

life    Yet today there he was tossing out limericks on:

Grace does Lace   He even used rainbow twice  in the

same sentence


G does L   2 blonde Australian girls who can fly  when

they’re not seducing middle-aged depressives with their

pent up joy   I hate them already   One will likely have a

cameo at my next wedding  (they sell 150 wedding gowns

a minute!!)  Trust me an exclamation mark has never found

its way into his syntax


So what’s different about today?  His friend’s brother lay in an

upstairs room slowly dying of Legionnaires Disease   In a dream

he called out: Save me!  Save me!    Too late  the ambulance carted

his ghost away   In real life he lives  to fight another day


In his youth  a legend in the shetl   A tough Lenny Brucer   Introduced

phony Beatlemania boys to Springsteen+Lou   He’s 68 yrs. old  never kissed

a girl    Tomorrow eve  Grace does Lace  will do his ghost in Shopey’s dream

Small town hero will wake with a smile   There will be a rainbow  Full umbra!



death, he said, let it come,

it was after the races,

zipper on pants broken,

$80 winner, he vomited

and got back into bed with her.

(Charles Bukowski  1972)



Almost April  2017   RIP DEREK WALCOTT   87  poet  Nobel Prize laureate  muse   died today  my copy White Egrets stolen from car  along with 6 mths. of poetry  2011

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