"It's about words, and words are all I have…"




It looks like a scene out of Heidi today  everything

covered in white   Slow-mo flakes cascade   A crazed

cacophony of tiny screams as they melt    Last blast



People tired of poet’s obsession with weather+ references

to cancer   Stop reading now: if you are looking for answers

sunshine  or daffodils  (you know who you are!)    Yesterday’s

news brought us sisters   97 yr. old twins  who died within

minutes of each other


One of natural causes  as they approached the other’s car   The

2nd of hypothermia (supposedly gentle; a quiet shutting down)

as she waited +cradled twin #1   Zillions of stars overhead  Reports

of several hundred falling to earth!  Celebrating the twins    1st

responders found them in co-joined fetal position   Just as they came


Something beautiful  +cruel in this   I’ll give you that   Though it occurs

to me that I wouldn’t mind leaving on the same day as the boys I knew

first   We who rode wild our bikes until dusk  +the biggest one held off

police as we 3 pulled every flower on the street    Mother’s Day 1966


Now old goats  marching side by each  dragging one another from the brink

when necessary   Said a friend whose brother suicided 25 yrs. ago: may you

die the same day as your brothers



Who understands the world, and when

will he make it, make sense?  Or she?

Maybe there is a pair of them, and they sit

watching the cream disperse into their coffee.

Like the A-bomb. This equals that, one says.

They exchange smiles.  It’s so simple, they’ll be

done by lunchtime.

 (Tracey K. Smith  Life On Mars  Pulitzer Prize)




Almost April  2017    for my bros  M+H+J       RIP  Jean+Martha Young  Barrington RI

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