"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



I sat with a man yesterday who knows the difference between

the sound of wind in Aspens  +wind in Pines   Spent his youth at

Lakehead U  Forestry   Then a beeline for Jung  via Zarathustra

(I married him after his Gregory Bateson period  when he was want

to make circles with his hands  Not unlike Rainman)


Our dear friend from back then  now a Cantor  said 2 words: transitional

relationship  that was in 1988   I ask you: what is not transitory?  We 3

more recently  saw her husband buried on a sunny hillside   Now we want

for her  a lush baker  or opera singer    #voluptuouscantorbride    This life is

beautiful  +cruel


But back to yesterday: edge of Lake Ontario  giant rocks jut out   I sit with said

husband   Numero 3   Started marrying early  at a ripe 19   Through the sun-dapple

+duck-squawk  legs splayed  red frizz flung far+wide  spray of waves tickling hammer

toes   I thought I heard husband say  in low anthem baritone: If you keep throwing

rocks you’ll hurt the ducks   Do you really want that?


Always Socrates  drives one to distraction   My methodology: direct+Sartre  Hell is

other people   Touch the ducks + I kick your sadistic butts to Rochester   Kids were

6+10   They scuttered away like young vermin   Snapshot of a new generation?

Raised in the wake of Littleton’s  + Las Vegas  +that Batman movie turned terrorist

in Colorado   They snarled at us  pointy teeth glinting  in October sun


We had transitioned from  fall romp at lakeside  to: Why have we wasted our lives

saving the depraved conscious apes  from themselves?   Who  by these early years of

the 21st century  have made it their life’s work  to be  happy!  *(the happiest people

in the world spend 5 to 6 hrs. a day socializing.. Globe+Mail pg. L7 today)   Perhaps

this is why their kids are running wild  trying to kill mallards at Ontario Place


For Chrissakes  if the goal is to be happy  how will they know withering from

blossoming?  Fuckery from meaning?  Zimmerman sang of the  idiot wind   + it’s

blowing through our modern era  making thugs into Presidents   So  rise up  happy

sheep  Smell the smell of reality  of the vicissitudes preparing you to confront what

it means to live until 102   Because those of you who are happiest get 8 more years to

contemplate death!  *(Globe+Mail: the happiest people add 8 yrs to life expectancy)






Fall  2017    for Rachel Tyler Atkins  

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