"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



When Outlandos D’Amour came out  I was 21   Thought myself an outlaw

of love (!)   Didn’t so much have a mean streak  just a penchant for MAC:

sadistic vixen lipstick  + stilettos   Young  +untested by grief   The kind when

your feet are cut off   like Willie’s were in  The Heart is A Lonely Hunter:  I got 

this terrible misery down in my toes   


But I have seen the future + it is a flaccid beast    Not slouching toward anywhere

to be born   Now I know: that when you cut a child away from his family  +like a skin

graft  try to grow him onto another  the psyche rejects this    Said child throbs  with

loss of limb   Go explain this to agents of the state: Why does he keep crying at night

with phantom pain  Ms.Therapist?      He misses his parents  


Blank stares   You’re just a high priced baby-sitter  (save me from angry dads who

require a swift paradigm shift)   I just wish I knew where my f-f-feets are   That the 

main thing that worries me    Outlandos D’Amour at 21?   More tough girl poseur

But not anymore   In a state of pre-grief  especially when eyes spring open at 3 a.m.


Did you know that your heart is roughly the size of your fist?  My fists have not grown

since about the age of 5 or 6    So I am looking for ventricles people   Check my add

on eBay  or at #poetwithsmallishheartseeksroomforfuturegrief   + a tablet or 2 of

nitro    The last loss  of a bulldog named Poydras  left me unable to visit certain street

corners  +my local park for 2 yrs


It was there that he had shlumped along   drawing ankle blood as the need arose

A wild and slobbering rube   It was a different love  not like anything she had ever

felt before  (Mick Kelly  age 14  on loving the town mute  in Heart is A Lonely Hunter)    

Yes I want nitroglycerin  for when the BIG ONE comes    Until then  hope will be

rationed  +love will be a rabid dog from hell     Let him in!    Let him in!





FALL  2017

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