"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



*(Charles Manson on the fate of Sharon Tate + her dead baby)


Mould on sandwiches at school   Urine scented sweats  reek of feces

too   A small ball of bowel debris rolls out of pant leg onto floor  Therapist

scoops it up  says no more   Later as boy examines pregnant Barbie  leaves bite

marks on removable belly   Baby stomped flat   How to explain this to the

state  who pays green eyed boy’s keep   Is he a sadist now  at 8?    What will

he be by 13?


Let us look at Charlie   Born: No Name Maddox  1934    Died yesterday:

Charlie Miles Manson  82    At 13 he held a razor to a boy’s throat  raped him

His mother a 16 yr. old prostitute  Kathleen Maddox  Heavy drinker  Lived on

the margins  Never knew his father   Spent most of his life in prison  Car thief

Pimp   Serial killer   Mesmerizing brown eyes  +cheshire smile  lit up the unholy



Mother of boy with green eyes  lived with a man  now in prison for his de-

humanization   She promised an X-box  promised+promised   What troubles

him most Therapist?    This   +the locked bedroom door:  I couldn’t get to the

bathroom so I used the floor  Is that bad?   Barbie’s legs now akimbo  about to

give birth to the rough beast on slow thighs  slouching toward Los Angeles   1969





FALL 2017

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