"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



She said: I wish they could give you a needle to wake you up

I don’t think they have one   I know  She’s 93   Sounded like

one of those dreams where you keep trying to awaken  but

cannot    Once in a while you do  but then fall back into the



Waking up in the same body  same psyche   same identity   age

family  city  house  bed    Even if you vigorously protest   The you

inside of you  the Self  + it’s casing   does not budge    The Gnostics

believed that we spend this life awakening to a Self put to sleep at birth

The Sufis did too


Self-remembering is big with Sufis   So too is watching a flower move

toward the sun   Many at 93 are looking to go to sleep   But not she

Her life force is of the roaring 20’s   Born in 24   Part child   part nymph

part Queen   Maybe wake up as Nefertiti  mixing of Semites + Egyptians

not uncommon


The ancient Egyptians said: Follow your heart as long as you shall live

At death it is weighed against a feather  to determine a blameless life  There

is no concept of head/heart conflict  as we in the West torment ourselves

with   Living by the heart is like living by the sword   Much blood +ruin  It is

decidedly not for the faint


I imagine she will wake up  as an Egyptian Queen any day now  +live by the

heart in her palace on the Nile  Near where Miriam placed the infant Moses

And she too  like his people  will be free   This place she has been  is no place

for an innocent   No place for a child-woman    No place for a Queen




Fall 2017

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