"It's about words, and words are all I have…"




Though on the surface it seemed every person was different,

this was not true.  At the core of each lay suffering; our eventual

end, the many losses we must experience on the way to that end.

(Lincoln in The Bardo  George Saunders  Booker Man Prize 2017)


Last night’s show  East Texas troubadour  Steve  married 8 or 9 times

Numbers 5+6 the same woman  Began seeing him some 25 yrs. ago  Heroin

chic hair to his waist   Prison would soon take the sheen   Bikers no longer

fill the seats  Or could these greyish old folks be old bikers?  Hard to know


Where do old Hell’s Angels go?  Does the road end at the Danforth Music Hall?

Some with canes  vacant eyed   Bird tattoo between scavenger shoulder blades

on one babe  Bouncers pat you on the shoulder ie.,  It’ll be ok dear   DO NOT  pat

you down  though I begged to be    He was burly  thick fingered  a bit dirty


Earlier in the day a very old man lay  on the floor  as nurses walked slowly toward

him  so as not to alarm the lunch crowd  Restaurants we frequent now full of the

aging population   But don’t let the bastards get you down  It is also true that while

we are all the same in our creaturestowarddeathness   We are all burled battered  +

dazzled in entirely unique ways


3 billion gaze at the stars nightly  +only 1 sees flashlights   Ditto old bikers with

sagging tattoos  Their greyish womenfolk looking out of hollow eyes  Some large

breasted amazons who in the midst of cellular degeneration  crack wizened smiles

that say: Underneath this Steve Earle t-shirt is strapped the gold of the alchemists

with which  you can barter for immortality  on your way across the Styx


The thick fingered bouncer  too thick to be slipped the answer  He sees only

innocence +ruin  on old chapped lips   Only 1 sees epiphany:  Those who know

the difference between being DEAD  +being ALIVE  shall enter the kingdom of

heaven    All others will be sent back to earth to practice  being alive




Fall 2017



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