"It's about words, and words are all I have…"




Neil Young  gorgeous hunk?  Or ape-ian?  Soundtrack to start of

hippiegirl era   14    After the Goldrush   Too cool for Beatles crazed

brother  in his striped stovepipes


He +Jew-fro’d friend  now a neurosurgeon  busy with Beatle business in

next bedroom   As I lay splayed   Window cracked  cig wafting   Poodle mellow

Soon to chew a hole in bed  searching for cool-girrrl’s stash


46 yrs. come+gone   Neil on computer screen Saturday eve   Lights out

Laptop +tequila balanced on good knee  Reefer no more  New pot sent poet

into ecstatic confessions  Giant spiders still leap onto body nightly  +snakes

in mind’s eye slither up vericosed legs


But what I will say is: None of this extraneous bullshit matters  to one’s spirit

To one’s life force   Even seeing Neil Young  hulking+broken  on the computer

screen   Slovenly+doddering    Blasphemy!


Execs who paid him BIG corporate bucks  knew he needed mega$$$ for alimony

after jilting the loyal Pegi (for the ho Darryl Hannah  after 34 yrs. of marriage)

Neil you bastard   You deserve to look like you do   Unwashed  Unloved  Unfucked

Though tattered souls still soar to your high-pitched groan:  4 dead in O-hi-O  

4 dead in O-hi-O    


Unlive the years!  Re-inhabit splayed girl  on mauve bedspread   Canned Heat poster

on the wall   Room where 5,830 nights of stony sleep   Unaware of the fact that: once

you left (at 19 with young husband in tow)  the wind would kick up   The house razed

by bourgeois buyers  +your brothers flung into men’s bodies   Your parents: 1 dead +1



But you were there   The tributaries indelible  Right up until the day that: a heavyset

man in a brown coat   +a winsome whore with yellow flowers in her golden hair  walk

beside you  up through mountain passes   Until you end up back at that front door!

Bald grandfather Joseph is waiting   Black poodle howling at the harvest moon


Put the needle on the record




FALL  2017   For Rocco Rella  long may you run..

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One thought on “CHOSEN

  1. Martin Atkins on said:

    Covered a lot of ground! Zaida, the Dr. in Hartford, but a real hard on for Neil Young. Kent State mentioned in passing. Blackie what a dog!

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