"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



There are no stars there  just fallen worker bees   Rising up

from bellies  through contemplation   work  +abstinence

Inebriate starvation at the Salvation Army    There but for the

grace go we   While here on my street a jack hammer  jacks

constantly   And the foundations of my beliefs badly shaken

Not stirred   Ditto my soul in the bosom of Abraham !  Pardon

the flights of baroque     Or do not


Out here in the world  everyday  another man is destroyed by rudely

asking  or not asking  a teenage girl to fellate him   See these televised

downfalls daily   See the un-leader of the Ontario Conservative Party  Boy

next door haircut  shaking  +flailing   Boy next door no more    Just another

man-pig   And yes  everyone is innocent  until proven guilty    Have they

never heard of masturbation?   Too easy?   No chase?   No power to force

down anyone’s throat?


So  will the #Metoo movement trickle down  +help child survivors?

Some raped orally by age 3   Isn’t that about an abuse of power too?  Or is

it just about madness?   I seem to have more questions than answers   Shall

we abolish certain members of the species?  Or just subject them to the acts

they have enacted?   Forgive me  or do not    Vengeance is no longer PC



I am the end of a gorgeous line. But there’s no comfort being

who I am. Forget. Forget. The stars are out. The marble moon

slides by.    (Mark Strand  Blizzard of One  Pulitzer Prize  1998)




Winter  2018  ..when the tip of the iceberg doesn’t begin to cover it..



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