"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



Did you know that there are 3 dark sky sanctuaries in

the world?   Chile   New Mexico   Great Barrier Island

Places where darkness must be protected   As we seek

only enlightenment  endarkenment is frowned upon

So too  sanctuaries of the flesh  where one’s face might

be preserved   So that it will be recognizable to oneself

by your 6th decade


One day you awake  +you might as well be in the southern

hemisphere   Where the night sky is unrecognizable  Bearings

lost  you grow boisterous in company   And while you used to be

animus possessed  now you are just  possessed   Ditto your dear

old friend with the spirit of a dove   You find that he will spend

6 mths at a Sally Anne work camp  No cell phones  No lubrication


No candy coating of vicissitudes  gone to pot in vats of craft vodka

You know you’re in trouble  when you cannot tell the difference

between a hole in the ground  +your new condominium  Maybe one

+the same   But take heart  for in exactly 2 weeks  the seeds begin to stir

On the pagan:  Imbolc  (Feb. 2nd)


All despair will implode  +out of the seeds will explode  unshriven

possibilities    Like a job at an ad agency (seriously)  +your MIA dignity





Winter 2018  ..bring on.. IMBOLC.. Rise Up..


King Cake Baby  Mardi Gras  New Orleans



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