"It's about words, and words are all I have…"




Dentist said: It’s very bad  while poking around inside

my head   But I already knew that   Mouthfuls of blood

since Xmas   Yet here in bleak  Reaper-friendly January

the crucifixtions of 2017 begin to evaporate  As the pull of

Spring seduces  with bunnies  chicks +chocolate   Carlton

card hell  around the corner  Won’t you please just let me

bleed out in peace?


Easter  manufactured from the pagan celebration of Oster

Worship of the egg   The Great Round  Giant hips+thighs  All

that the fame whoring culture of now despises   No you are NOT

woke  as Ms. Steinem + other hip intellectuals would lead you

to believe


Last night on the Grammy’s  scantily clad young women gyrating

on the knees of men   Hair flicking  Soul eviscerating   How do you

expect to get behind #TIMESUP  amidst all of this vibrating?  I mean

to really make a dent  +stop worshipping the objectification  of breast

vagina  +penis  alike


In the Neolithic  when the naked ape was naked  the body was worshipped

as fertility God/Goddess  Mind you  we still performed human sacrifice  of

young virgins  But that is just the duality of the human being  From sublime

heights to profane crevices   Sacred substances to cesspools of the mind

Powerful men dropping like flies


And the humble dung beetle wagging a finger: I told you Apes  water finds its

own level  Ditto depravity   But today there is hope!   You know  h o p e   That

which springs eternal  Lurks in the darkest corners  Even among  the just trying

to survive  the mildly depressed+worried   It is that twinge inside  when humans

see:  a road  a mountain  an alcoholic at the LCBO counting out pennies for four



The twinge of hope  as I stand in front of the gallows on Bathurst St. each week

(where my old mother paints the Jazz greats in a dingy room)  And shout at the

top of my lungs: OPEN FUCKING SESAME!  The creaky doors of fate creak open

Take the step!  And all will be provided for safe passage  You can relocate to Peru

where reportedly the government is seducing ex-pats with $12 pedicures   Or do not

take the step   And continue to play checkers with the monster in your basement



I want my immortality now  bitches..



Winter  2018


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