"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



Ice inches thick   Recently a friend said:  The snow is so

beautiful   But he hails from a North Atlantic town called

Souris   The yiddish word for  suffering   A Pollyanna Canadian

not unlike husband #3   who often quotes the Inuit   They have

261 words for snow  the ultimate collaboration with the inevitable

I would rather collaborate with the devil  sell my frigid soul for a

one way ticket to the Mayan Riviera  where American retirees drink

frozen Margaritas  +make new friends of Canadians in ill health


Many more of us than you think suffer these whiteskydays  with glazed

eyes  nausea  +turgid heads   One hip young woman  contemplating bangs

(big mistake in February)  said to me   just before I swooned  at  Schmaltz 

Dundas+Ossington: I feel not quite myself   I feel the colourless sky an

inducement to over indulgence in chicken schmaltz in particular   Divine

elixir of the shetl Jew  meant to put hair on chest  +inches on various body

parts    Eaten or slathered


One of these white February days  wearing perhaps one too many wool layers

I shall wrench that honkey groundhog  from his Wairton grave  to perform once

more for our amusement  (recently crushed in a thresher)  Or better still employ

the Ratus Honkus  Furry oracle of the snow  who likely knows more about being

white than most   O bitter little poet with chilblains  on arthritic knees   Take heart!

Only 9 more weeks until the first spec of green


*honkey – perpetual liar



Winter  2018







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