"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



New neurologist said this should have resolved itself by

now   Well so should a lot of things   She wore mushroom

coloured Blundstones  exact shade of her boiled wool suit

Lips dry as a bone  a wasting purple lipstick  likely  MAC

Purple Nurple    Yet she asks me !  How many bottles of

water do you drink?  As I sit there cool as a moist cucumber

Even after waiting 1 hr    The patient before me was late


This after a 2 yr. wait to genuflect at her Blunnied feet   Poor

little poet on a stormy February day  when the white tunnel

does not stop at Wonderland  a la Alice  but at cabin fever  +a

whitebrite claustrophobia  boring into your brain


Wherever you look  white stuff   some yellowed   some browned

And Torontonians crawling upon bellies due to a world shortage

of salt  +sanity   In an Ayn Rand world  (think Atlas Shrugged  

+ We The Living)  mediocrity + incivility went unrewarded

(are  you listening Justin?)  And the late patient would have waited

until the other 26 were seen  but not so in squeaky  PC clean  2018


I grabbed my silver lamé jacket shrieking  Viva la Revolución!  Head

pounding  stomach squeamish  +made a bee line for Reposado  where

the Anjeo is served by ¬†lush Z√łe ¬† And the Mezcal is full of succulent worms

for munching    Viva civility!      Viva Dr. Agave!





Winter  2018

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