"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



Have you heard the new-ish expression  woke ?  Nattered on

by those who consider themselves to be  woke   Gloria Steinem

recently to fabulously wealthy high school girls  in Toronto : You

are WOKE   Go forth and multiply!   When it seems highly likely

that they are not   Though the survivors in Parkland FLA  appear

to be  after 17 dead comrades  flung bloodied  into a cortege of

ambulances last Tuesday


She scurried ahead of me on faux cobblestones  Yorkvile  TO   She

sobbed into her phone: I’m heading to the hospital  My mother died

On+on she cried    Also Woke    As I scuttered along in too red  pointy

boots  pin size heels sticking in every crack   Un-woke?   Hyper-woke?

(aka  hyper-vigilant: a hallmark of PTSD)  Of late  known to contemplate

the  immortality chip


Constellated in all acts of  fellatio  creation   That  out of time  out of space

feeling    An altered state   i.e.,  It doesn’t present as pain  said the oncologist

On the surface you are listening to a song  reading words  looking at a canvas

or a painted cave   within seconds dopamine pricks  +your ego has the little death

(hallmark of great sex  sometimes even mediocre  depends how desperate you are)

And in the very act of creation  the artist/creator  drops out of time-space too


Unless the process is torturous  like the writing of this poem  waiting to be pounced

upon by brother’s friend  who frequents this cafe  +professes wonder at everything

I say   Really!  You eat lunch!   It devolves from here    On this gorgeous spring-like

day  when you sell your soul a la Goethe’s Faust  minute by minute  for  MORE    But

not the sobbing girl  now at St. Mikes    Mother’s head to one side  tongue lolling

She continues to cry


So why  did Goethe make wishing for more time  a sin?  The one where

Mephistopheles disguised as a black poodle  grins  + as punishment you are

yoked to the same day  over+over again   An apt description  of life as we know it

Perhaps all manner of epiphany sets you apart from the herd   Breaks the yoke   No

longer enslaved to the nuclear family   you may think yourself  FREE    But who would

people our Wallmarts?   Our Costcos?   Our gun shows?


You’re part of the animal kingdom after all   Magnificent + Mammalian    The only

hope of un-hitching the yoke  is to acknowledge  without surprise  that you are as frail

as you think you are   But so are they  who seethe with  BRAVE    And  if there are no

abnormalities in your 2nd scan in 8 weeks   RUN with it  on that putrifying knee  find

a cave  +huddle there  Spring is a mere 21 days away




Winter  2018  can kiss my..







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