"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



..listening for the sound of (stars)  hope  is like trying to hear

the flap of a hummingbird’s wing from inside a hurricane..

(Dr. Peter Kurczynski  National Science Foundation on the

sound of stars  + AAC on the sound of hope)


Have you heard of the Schwanger Kommado?  The  pregnant unit

at Dachau  Between December 8, 1944 + February 28, 1945  the final

7 Jewish babies were born in captivity  just before the liberation  During

pregnancy the mothers to be worked in the laundry de-lousing clothes

One new mother  Miriam Rosenthal said: I gave birth in Dachau  so how

could I not believe in God?  


Miriam gave birth into a pail  without anaesthetics   Jewish newborns were

frequently bayoneted after birth  thrown into the air  +caught   One can see

how she came to believe  in God   Her son  now 73  wrote her obituary  Miriam

died at 95   7 days ago   Perhaps it was her faith  sustaining her on the long

walk home   She later met her husband !  as she carried their baby through town


Many more lost faith  which perhaps is akin to will?  Inner Godhead powering

the circuitry of a frail human self   But only if you BELIEVE   Old man  white beard

This God   tested Abraham  + Job    frogs  locusts  blood of first born  crucifixion   

Secular version:  BELIEVE in  Cosmic Circuitry    Our first stars   discovered

yesterday   Made of  the same stuff we are    Dr. Judd Brown  Arizona State U:

We are made of the stars  so we are glimpsing our origins!


This is hopeful poem  And while it is true that man is debauched beyond recognition

It is also true  that given the  right  number of child deaths by assault rifle  a tipping

point has been reached   Even in the yellowheart of the free world’s dictator  there is

dawning a belief   that if he bans the bumpstock  +calls for mental health checks   his

15 minutes will grow  EXPONENTIALLY   As he said to a 14 yr. old full of shrapnel:  

hear you’re a huge fan of mine!    She denied this vehemently


Soon in  MiddleHeaven  there will be a march   All fallen comrades  some by bayonet

others by bullet   All under the age of 18    They gather as I write  numbers growing

into the millions  if we count the sacrifice of virgins   So on March 24th   the first stars

13.6 billion years old  will mingle with  carnage  + courage     Anne Frank    Miriam   +

the SandyHook 26   some on the shoulders of the Parkland kids  will HOPE    All at

once   for an instant



*Stand by  as on March 25th  the star particles raining down into the hearts of ordinary

men+women will shatter the grip of the dark imp   And our eyes   will gaze up at their

eyes   gazing down at our eyes



Spring in 20 days

(..those aren’t stars  they’re eyes.. just as u always suspected..)   





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