"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



Everyone knows an escapee  or with puffed chest: tells

you they will soon be one   tells you to stop being yellow

bellied   The teller’s uncle  just bashed his head open  in

buttfuck  Mexico   Moving him by plane would kill him  they

said   Leaving him in place would take 6-10 days   Either way

what difference does it make?


Also see the obituary for Alexander Sevastian  41    Accordion

virtuoso   He too died in Mexico   February 16th  a town called

Ahijic !  Ever heard of it?   Didn’t think so  The ex-pat community

of 363  spend days photographing donkeys  +nights hiding from

the Cartels   Last week  3 Italian boys were sold into slavery  for $53


If it were so easy  cities would be emptied  and they are not   One must

go through epiphanic catastrophe  be in cancer recovery   as was the teller’s

uncle    Now dead   Today there is a 50 mile/hr wind whipping up  my

spine  yet the sun shines  seducing the marionettes   Wooden body parts

will come alive !  in May


And then for 180 days  you will forget the horrors of February  the Ides of

March   You will come to believe  that bolting  of one’s own free will  is wholly

unnecessary   You will sit back and wait for the undertaker  +rotten children

to throw your dentures in the incinerator    Make hay    Make hay





Spring  2018  11 days

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