"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



A Tibetan monk in saffron robes cruising me  Eyes

on mine so hungrily as he glides by   His shoes ill

fitting boats  yet I smile sweetly  ’cause maybe he

will whisk me away across lake Ontario to Mexico

Where the Monarchs go for resurrection  +my 72

yr. old bro has found a home


Dirt roads +donkeys  outside his window   And his

resurrection imminent   Some say old age is a massacre

Don’t believe them grasshopper   It is amazing grace

Enlightenment at gunpoint    Mellow yellow


Tomorrow my 94 yr. old mum + I will protest Orange Hitler

+ his henchmen  in Washington   Her sign is being prepped+

primed:  The supreme court is no place for pussies Brett!  

And neither are one’s 90’s



..We exist like unprovable ideas

until a man in a pith helmet

steps on you and yells Eureka or something ..

(Al Purdy + AAC)






Fall  2018

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