"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



Bubba the bug-eyed christ child hands me shells

of turtle eggs +dead flowers  Also wafers  Tiny turtles

return to a place where the survival instinct of all living

creatures is born   Oceanic soup of pre-verbal knowing

I am alive  therefore I am   A tentacle  gilamonster +slick

curls around Bubba’s leg   We are at the ocean’s edge  deep

into Margheritas


You cannot tell people that every tool they need to survive

is buried deep inside  or they won’t pay doctors trillions of bucks

for the next cure   Listen up   It’s okay to die   It is a concept older

than we are  Stars die every millisecond   When did we become so



When did we need snake oil  + opiates of masses to anesthetize

When did we forget that beyond that mountain pass are azure skies

Where the dead lead peaceful lives  playing Canasta  and shaking their

heads    Life will kill you  then you’re dead







Fall 2018


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