"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



I heard the loon call  at 3 a.m.  the laughing one

Bedlam  Bellevue  Witchcackle   So much better

than gruntsqueals from next cabin


Shoveling drive  1965   Giant flakes  blacksky

Snowsmell  coldsmell   Leaning on shovel  Silencio

The bigalone    Fearless   at 5


Father on a bed of ice  swollenface  tubestoo   Fear

creepsin throughveins   He is stitched from ankle to

solarplexis     Will he make it?



Twins  boy+girl   blondecurls   Cannot place this memory


The last time father visited from his grave at Beth Tzedec

Gardens  I called the fire department   Later I read that the

dead often announce themselves with the smell of burning



Too late  for my date  with Daddy   He who loved birds of all kinds

When I told him that I had seen a colourful bird on the driveway

yellow  turquoise  +red   he threw back his head    If you knew him

you’d know the laugh   He said: That was a budgie  The one who got

away    Remember  there’s always free food in a cage    





Fall 2018  .. still waiting on the smell of burnt toast..


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