"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



2 superplump squirrels stalk me   Now sequestered with brown

spiders at edge of park   Bitchy boy  snarlmouth  kicks soccer

ball at tiny sister with dots  If that ball comes 1 inch closer  I will

toss squirrel carcass at mother  un-supervising you    She of

snarlmouth too


Freddie Oversteegen  petite girl assassin  +saboteur   Fought Nazis

from her bicycle  said: I’ve shot them +seen them fall   And what’s

inside such a moment?  You want to help them get up    She perhaps

singular in this love for humanity  Not a sentiment one sees shared widely


Today much hatred afoot  Powerful men with tiny puckered mouths   One

a judge  one the Prez   And a base of deplorables who mock rape victims

teeth gnashing  Tear a jewgirl from limb to limb   With clockwork orange eyes

plied wide open  we watch Donald despot +his mail order bride  eat democracy

for breakfast   While the last of the civilized wonder who will make animal sounds

when democracy dies?



..Across the sea fat kings watched and were gleeful, that something

begun so well had now gone off the rails. The rabble cannot manage itself..

(Lincoln In The Bardo  George Saunders  2017)





Fall  2018



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