"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



watching the fatted calves holiday in a

place faraway  women with intense cleavage

cleave to waiters carrying extra crisp bacon

+ spanked children crawl  willynilly


every unholy millisecond shattered by anticipation

of suffering  a brother going down for the count in a

hospital nearby   i find myself beggared  +begging  one

more once  last time for daddy  68  this time for big bro  72


he clearly cleared for take off   except no one will LISTEN!

going home  his face now the boy’s i met when we still believed

we’d be together forever  11 year old brothers  they stay

yet here comes the redheaded cancer doc with the skinnyneck


i grab him by said neck and shake the dweeb  long  +hard   repeat

after me Abe: the survival instinct is strong in the naked ape  we who

would gnaw off a hand to run from ghouls like you  who charge 5,000

bucks for a shot of immunogunk   a glue like substance  to hold us fast

like the mouse  caught in the trap  (where food is free)


you doctor death  afraid to say the word die  only: pass  will leave those

pristine lips   pass the salt   passover   mountain pass  with azure skies

where snaking lines of the dead wrest  survival instinct fluttering in the

breeze     nearer my God to thee





Fall  2018   ..RIP M.A. ..October 21, 2018..

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