"It's about words, and words are all I have…"


where life pulsed obscenely fecund

a picture window in the room  sunblare  fountain cool

florida heat outside the room  2 little visitor girls approach

the bed  and winged shapes flutter overhead   he being

called back to the ancestors  pallor of foetal pig  in biology

lab at 17   i am not cutting into that thing!  so dropped sciences

+became a fisherking   grail of wounded children taught me

not to gasp at suffering   a supervisor said:  you are the mary

poppins of family therapy  you must take off those white gloves

and touch their pain   except i touched it too much  lost a ventricle

and in the bowels of this hospice-from-hell  lost what was left of my

sanity too   but as the little girls in summer dresses sparkle with life   i

wipe the dust off  and fly home   now winter  and dead beetles caught

in the screens  unholy foolsister  seeking spring  when the melt will raise

her up again  emptier  less aprill




Winter 2018  for fisher kings  wounded healers +feelers  of too much..

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