"It's about words, and words are all I have…"

carry on

got to carry on without me

fanmass of blue from the sky   3 hrs. plus of football  + i

cannot help but wonder why these hulking manboys earn

umpteen millions   carolina on my mind   they lost to the

saints last night  in a mediocre game  qb cam  a giant

babyman  chews blue gum  +sulks  but i wanna share his

clothes   flamboyant +jagger  he struts  in pink fur  for which

i am a sucker  that +filthy lucre   especially where a 250 lb.

burnished heisman is concerned   he is my trophy boyfriend

and in the same dream i circle the new pink planet   farout

(like naming the black dog blackie  dad!)   and there i find my

deadfootballbrother  in the bullrushes





Winter  2018


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