"It's about words, and words are all I have…"


bring me your huddled platitudes

seeing is believing   but what we saw   what transpired

expired   unhookthefuckingwires   life support deathdeniers

pacifiers   don’t get me started   too late


deathbed experiences are always intense   surreal events  not

for sissies   i have midwived a few  and my studies have found

birth  in reverse   the quiet  +peace  after the thrashing  and blood

it is us  left gnashing +gutted  who must be stitched back together


without anesthesia  unless you count don julio +kush   pull yourself

up by the bootstraps  i actually barked this at my old mother  the other

day  and i’m not even sure she remembers he’s gone  but then neither

do i   now splayed for all to see  the love and rage  that used to be between

me  and my god




Winter  2018  ..sostickyourplatitudeswherethesundon’tshine..

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