"It's about words, and words are all I have…"


forever football

football is ballet  violent +bloody  some of the players

have raped   i see men paid millions  many looking really

out of shape!  gorefest for giants  questing for  what?  brain

disease in their 40’s  bodies that hurt for eternity  noble old

men with broken knees  hearts too   most only play 4 yrs

and in their senile dreams  they run  past the reaper  left in

golddust   run from the big C   not so much   but valiant they

go down   gladiators of hospice hell   back away from the men

men in the arena   they die beautiful  he’s so handsome  said the

hospice nurse  as george with equally meaty fingers  and brain

cancer  sat with his qb friend  chewed the fat about girls  and push

ups between chemo chairs   both florida tanned   george still kicking




Winter 2018 .. “the only way out  is through”.. Marty Atkins RIP..

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