"It's about words, and words are all I have…"

what would bob say?

the most tragic thing about this memory is a bag

a clear hospital issue bag  now filled with his stuff

made meaningless


cancercarnival  you robber of dignity   you archangel

of multiplyingcells  until a man is a mangle of his former

self   draining


in this plastic bag his cellphone  soon to dial a crazed sister

as she tells bored girldoctor  i need benzos for this particular

brand of pain


but what i really want to say is: nothing will ever be the same

despite mounting platitudes to the contrary  and anyway i too

grow weary of this uncheery blahblah


be careful what you ask for remaining bros  who are also weary

i promise the simple wisdom of bob dylan   i promise to love the

quotidian   to be a happy sisyphus   pushing my rock   everything

is broken   everything is blowin in the wind


but what to do with the anger?  root word for angina  and btw where

thefuckismybrother’s plastic baggie?  i rest my case  on this freezing

first day  of the rest of my life   without him   happy 2019 eh



..only those things should be feared that have power to do us ill,

nothing else, for nothing else is fearful……fuckdeath..

Dante Alighieri  1265-1321  The Inferno 







New Year’s Day 2019

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