"It's about words, and words are all I have…"

time to leave the capsule if u dare

-20  windchill makes it  -35







today in national newspaper we read:

52% of millennials cannot name 1 death camp

while 62% have never heard of the holocaust


inside of 3 decades  the number of humans on

our fragile earth  will begin to fade  due in part to

aging populations  slowmoving sperm  pesticided



perhaps not such a bad thing?


as elon musk +his millennial hordes (i.e.. the genocide

ignorant demographic)  prepare to leave older adults

here   the Mars Project offers them one way tickets!

a nephew who i thought loved me let this slip


they will leave us here

with our holocausts

with our cancer

with the despotic ruler of the free world

+his mail order bride


but do they think these ills will not follow them?  all

epiphanic+delusional   do they think these ills will not

hide  inside of top knots  shaggy beards  utopian body



wisdomless hipster horde!


the martian overlord loves to contemplate smooth skin  +

doesn’t mind waiting until hell freezes over to have his

e-mails returned    godspeed kids   godspeed!






Winter 2019   ..honouring the liberation of Auschwitz…January 27, 1945..

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