"It's about words, and words are all I have…"

the naked lust of really old men

really old men

gaze at me now

on the ttc  with naked lust


used to be young

curly haired boy-men

in bmws  +benzed

throwing money   honey


i blew  this one a kiss  yesterday

he was 83  he whipped  around +

grabbed my naked knee  through

ripped jeans  and lace


i gracefully brushed him away


and on the way home i noticed

gryphons hanging from my favourite

clocktower   a building i have passed

for decades


perhaps some kind of old woman


where i am allowed

to unknow

many things






Winter 2019   ..will u still love me when i got nothing..

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One thought on “the naked lust of really old men

  1. CAMERON on said:

    Good one kid. I hope no lech actually touched you or is this poet licent(iousness).

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