"It's about words, and words are all I have…"

hellfires to melt an old crone’s heart

there will come a day when all talisman’s

are ripped to shreds  the hellhounds chew

through crucifixes too  lovingjuicybelievers

more than me and u


now u must come to rely on the beating heart

within  whether blackened or pure   but how

can that be at near 66   one more 6   and answer

all questions with questions


willie the shakes knew this too  this rough magic

i abjure  says the old sorcerer in the tempest   this

crone returned home  boxed all poppets  then hitched

a ride


destination is not that exotic  a heaven as far away

from bathurst st. as the hellhounds can fly   there a

terraced facility  where old mother is kept under

lock +key



His work lies all wheres and his hounds tire not.

I have seen them in a dream, slaverous and wild

and their eyes crazed with ravening for souls in this

world.  Fly them.

(Suttree.. final sentences..Cormac McCarthy  1979) 





winter/spring  2019

..beware of the ides of march..

and of the devil in general..


the roman festival at the ides of march (15th) involved

beating an old woman dressed in animal skins and perhaps

driving her from the city. The ritual may have been a new

year festival representing the expulsion of the old year.      Ya sure

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