"It's about words, and words are all I have…"

next dream destination top secret mo fos

she speaks with her broken heart  full

of deadbirds banging up against ribcage

flowers grow at corners of lips   sugar



but there is a file on her desktop: escape

routes  beside a pic of deadbro who

escaped to mexico   almost


now it’s her turn  or the envygirls will

continue to go to the places she waxed

poetic   like when she had to cancel her

really BIG trip  at 50


the travel industry in new mexico  big sur

+florence  saw spikes  as the envy girls with

names like  anne + constance  rushed in to

fill the vacuum


her renegeddreams now blowing in the breeze

you flotsam bitches!  riding on her laurels  clutching

with your fingernails her redcurls +floral kerchief  an







Winter 2019

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