"It's about words, and words are all I have…"

don’t let me die in florida


they don’t know their asses

from a hospice   which i found

not to be a hospice at all  but a

tired building where ghoulish docs

lie to families


oh we’re just going to send him there

to get stronger


though he could no longer walk from

the cancer in his bones


and is it not important too to die in one’s

home?  i should have sprung him






just a lowly sister


hey mister  +crusty nurses   take your hands

off of my brother  or i will pull a julian assange

redheaded whistleblower  blow your cover  this

place is the black hole of calcutta


blow it to smithereens


and blow me  dr.abe schwarzberg






Spring 2019  …don’t worry dear readers..i still promise sunshine+daffs..soonish..

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