"It's about words, and words are all I have…"

this train don’t take no pussies

i know a girl who jumped a train  from a

bridge!  like woodie guthrie   that girl was

not me  i am too much of a pussy   though

the tribulations i have faced  i stared down

with aplomb






the light at the end of my tunnel has always been

a train   train of love   train of jews   train of new

territories  a girl huck finn  on the river of her parent’s



today notre dame is burning  with parts of my 27 yr old

self trapped in the belltower  where i gasped at the sight

of paris in april  spreading   my train takes whores+gamblers

+foundling children with crackhouse mothers


ratty brothers

a few husbands


maybe my pussification was a myth!


i’m waiting on the bridge

with my football brother

and we’re gonna jump  together





Spring 2019   ..holy week..holy holy batman..time for a resurrection..

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