"It's about words, and words are all I have…"


gr. 5 teacher

had me on

his knee  +invited


to be santa


my father lee

+brother marty

would have acquainted

him with their fists  if

they had known


maybe he preyed upon

me  because i had dark

circles  or just because he



burning the midnight oil again

atkins?  *booming voice from top

of stairs  which all the kids could



but here i am  missing marty+lee

mr. spence dead too   and on the

other side of 62   comtemplating

the final third


where i will be holed up  facing the

sunrise  perpetuating certain myths

about remission


i can’t get u the sunset for under 2 mill

ape!     *booming voice of brother #3


so i will take the sunrise


and run with it





Spring 2019’s to your remission..lasted 2 yrs. and several seconds..


* if u get to be 70 according to

Rabbi Monson  each year thereafter

is a blessing    (lee 68  marty 72)


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