"It's about words, and words are all I have…"

holy roe v. wade

would someone please send up the

bat signal for me?   people all around

me  entrenched in their  tics   one even

asked me to re-phrase an observation

as a question   so i did


why are u so full of fuckery?


the answer is blowing  and the winds in

canada can be fierce   in may they rip thru

machinations like shit thru a canada goose


i need the bat signal most urgently  so that

the caped crusader  a christfigure if there ever

was one  might rescue me from contraryfuckery



but much more seriously  the women of alabama

need more than jesus right now


the vote is in   no abortions  even in cases of rape + incest

so please do send up the batsignal for them too


*if passed the new law would make performing an abortion

a felony  punishable by 10-99 years in prison  which is more

than the penalty for rape


how’s that for fuckery?





Spring 2019




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