"It's about words, and words are all I have…"

life’ll kill ya

at about 3 am we hurtled thru TO streets  in an

ambulance  bro’s girlfriend having an event  young

paramedic  slid needle into vein  without skipping

a beat


bro+i   bouncing

girlfriend trancing



once at mount sinai  girlfriend projectile vomitting

bro+i still pre-ptsd   but barely   in corridor a cop

with a gun  guarding a woman  redhair  +slurring


i’m 48 yrs. old  +i look just like my mother

looking good!  said my brother

woman now flailing at his head


i’m 62  +i look just like my mother  there’s no guard

outside my room   yet   violent rambo fantasies

flickering   kicking doors down  at a shady florida

hospice  bilking another brother  too sick for his

last stand


sister intercedes

pulls pin on grenade


now hurtling down  interstate 95  old bro riding bitch

and very much alive  73 tomorrow  his hair blowing in

the breeze


when we get to canada

old bro will be free

a new man with a future  and everything






Spring 2019  ..M.A… May 19, 1946 – October 21, 2018…RIP

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