"It's about words, and words are all I have…"

scar tissue

he is being put down as I write   his plight

not unusual for a 9 yr. old british bully  white

with one beige eye  nothing else beige about

the guy


a hellion

a biter


still have scar   inside right wrist  a favourite

bit of poetforeskin  bitten over+over+over  again


he was polish  like our father’s people  best bullies

from polish puppymills   massive heads   bred to

take bulls down if need be  flappy neckskin   a lot

like me   can withstand yanking+stretching in combat


i liked him best when shortsqueaks escaped his lips

immortalized on pgs.  51+82  of my book   when he spoke

like this  he sounded real   that is  like a human child


belonged to my skinnybro

childless like me


this madbully  was our kid   in first year alone  80,000

bucks in surgeries  scars too numerous to count   but

we’re no pussies when it comes to  surgeries  or scars

468 stitches held  our father lee   mother  +brother marty



lee’s vertical

mother’s horizontal

forming a kind of cross

if u put them together

brother’s down below  gruesome+scabrous


the sign of the cross keeps vampires at bay   it just doesn’t

work as well on everyday run of the mill  cancers  heartstoppages

+general brokenness by 60


but  the beauty of scar tissue is:

that come resurrection day

the scarred shall be first






Spring 2019  ..RIP.. Poydie..a.k.a. fatboy..

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One thought on “scar tissue

  1. Illinois Atkins on said:

    RIP Fatboy!

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