"It's about words, and words are all I have…"

better run for your life if u can little girl

saw the giant peregrine in big tree out back

my family being stalked by raptors  one on

a branch a foot from my head  talons bloodyred

i should have run  but cannot hide  these huge

hawks  messengers from the otherside


harbingers of death in most cultures  unlike

vultures they eat prey alive   poor little mice

rabbits  and prairie voles (i live with one who is

six foot three +tasty)  2 lifted my football brother

from his hospice bed


but this poem is going in another direction due to

poet’s misguided promises of sunshine+daffodils

come spring   most of us can weather intense grief

+be spat out in about 7 months  give or take







but that’s ok   winter is done  +due to freak nor’westers

hundreds of icebergs are arriving on the shores of lake ontario

many harbouring the newly departed   and as they melt in the

sunshine  the dead will alight  daffodil in hand  +ready to fight


i also have a nice

piece of

land for sale

in the florida


said the poet to the fly





Spring 2019 🕷🕷🕷🕷





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