"It's about words, and words are all I have…"

she’s not a girl who misses much

i’ve been accused of snatching away the sunshine+daffs

promised for so long




but life is like that too  so i am simply presenting you

with unvarnishedtruths


btw read sedakis for laughs   or don’t


come here  for words unminced  +fools suffering


and i will goddamnguaranteeyou  a portal   to the way out





+various leakages


the bluebird on the lion’s head won’t be eaten!




fear fear  but put it away now   and walk into your final third

saggy bits flapping  in a chilly morning truth   u weren’t put

here to be happy


but u were





Spring 2019

..people complain about the bad things that happen to em

that they don’t deserve..but they seldom mention the good..

about what they done to deserve them things..i don’t recall that

i gave the good lord all that much cause to smile on me..

but (s)he did.

(Cormac McCarthy  No Country For Old Men  2005)

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